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AirRunner Networks Email Options

The mail server that we have been running for 21 years failed after a city wide power outage. The hardware in which the server used is not made any more. So email is broken. We have 2 options moving forward. We have a different email server which is similar to Gmail. So if you had an email address: joeuser@airrun.net for example, we could add your email to this new server. The disadvantage is that all the previous email that you have on your home computer will not port over to this new server and we cannot fix the old server. You will be able to open the program that you had used for email and view your old messages, but getting 'new email will be different'.

You have two options moving forward.

  1. You call our tech support line 715-443-3700, option 4 and leave your name, account number,
    phone number and the email address you were using and we will call you back and set it up. Keep in mind there are 400 other email users so it may take us a few days to call you back. Calling in multiple times will not yield faster service, quite often the opposite.
  2. You set up a Gmail email address and you abandon your airrun.net email address. If you choose this route, please send an email to:


    with your name, account number, phone number, old email address and we will update the billing server and forward your airrun.net email to the new 'Gmail' address.

    If we don't get your new email address, it will eventually affect your Internet service.