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Getting connected with wireless is not complicated at all, but it does require a few more items than a simple dial-up Internet connection. Here is an explanation on what is required for wireless Internet connectivity.

To get connected to our HIGH SPEED Wireless Internet network there are two basic requirements:

  1. Your location needs to be qualified by our site survey.This requires us to visit your home. We look for a line of sight from your home to one of our repeaters. If your location is suitable we can schedule an installation. You can request a site survey online by clicking here.
  2. The radio will be place on either the ground or the house depending on the best connection location.

We provide the rest. A typical installation takes about two hours. Every installation is unique as construction and terrain changes from place to place.

The radios and antennas are carefully mounted to the existing structure and a small 3/8" cable is then run from the radio to your computer.

Below is a map that displays our known coverage area in the colored area. Please note that wireless coverage depends on the terrain; too many trees, hills, or other obstacles may inhibit your ability to receive our wireless internet service, even if you're located in the coverage area of our map. Additionally, if you're located outside of our coverage area on the map, you may still be able to receive our wireless Internet service. Please contact us for a site survey to determine if you location is suitable for a