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AirRunner Networks LLC was organized by Bill Flood, owner. When AirRunner Networks LLC opened its doors to business in June of 2001, it was the only wireless Internet provider in Central Wisconsin. Today AirRunner Networks LLC shares the air waves with several other companies in Central Wisconsin.

Being the first provider in Central Wisconsin to introduce this leading edge technology has given us the opportunity to reach many smaller rural communities in Marathon, Clark, and Lincoln counties. In the last 16 years of growth, we cover well over 950 square miles of territory with over 54 access point locations and 208 connecting radios. We have provided the first broadband connectivity to areas that have never seen a connection faster than dial-up.

The services and technology we provide still follow leading edge technology and we stay abreast of the latest changes in the Internet, networking and telecommunications fields. To be able to provide such a high level of service and technology in the above fields requires much more than training, notably experience. This experience is only gained by time. Our staff is comprised of employees that have many years of experience in wireless technology, programming, and telecommunications. This combination of expertise makes our team the best suited to introduce this technology and make it work right the first time.

So when you're considering a provider to supply the latest technology to your door, choose AirRunner Networks and receive the best and most secure Internet connection available.

AirRunner Networks LLC